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Things That Instantly Amp Up The Style Meter


While today’s fashion trend has more to do with comfort and just wearing what you want to wear, there’s still that fine line between looking like you tried too hard or being effortlessly chic. And just so we’re clear, nobody likes a try-hard. So instead of going for the ironic “think outside the box” style everyone has been doing, it’s better to remain true to yourself and just wearing what you feel, even if it means that casual Fridays runs every day of the week.


Since you’re aiming for that effortlessly cool vibe that was mentioned earlier, it helps to know that the foundation has more to do with rocking basic pieces while looking totally fly. How do you do that? With details of course!


  • Studs – Want to look instantly cool? Throw some studs on your shirt. But we don’t mean for you to literally throw studs on your white shirt, however, you can definitely buy ones with studs already on them. A plain white shirt won’t look so casual now that it has studs on them. You know what else can have studs? Your shorts, jacket, bag, necklace, shoes, slippers, hair, basically anything you can think off. However, try to avoid overloading on studs.


  • Sequins – This option is an all time favorite for when you want a more feminine wardrobe. A plain black top can look really elegant when paired with a sparkly silver cardigan decked in sequins. You can also go for a solid colored blouse with sequin accents. If you want to keep your clothes simple, accessories are a great option for you to still add that pizzazz factor. In fact, the option isn’t just limited to sequins, as long as it’s sparkly, then it’s definitely something you should think about including in your casual wardrobe.


  • Bold colors – Even though you want to wear a plain white shirt, matching it with a bright orange skirt instantly cranks up the style meter. And if you’re thinking about going monochromatic, add a bright colored belt. A neutral colored wardrobe instantly looks fresher with a bright blue jacket. You get the point.


Today’s fashion has no rules, or is about breaking all the rules. Either way, there’s really no limit to what you can come up with then you’re going for casual chic. Just remember to balance everything out, especially when you’re experimenting with bold prints and colors. And don’t forget to have fun!